Worthington Biochemical FAQ

What are acceptable enzyme diluents for Deoxyribonuclease (D/DPFF/DPRF)?

D/DPFF: May be dissolved in 5mM acetate, 1 mM calcium, pH 4.5 and stored in single use aliquots at -20 or -70 for 1 yr.

DPRF: Use water or any buffer pH 4-9 except phosphate, avoid calcium chelators, add 50% glycerol for storage as liquid at -20C. Aliquot avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

Special care must be taken with deoxyribonuclease. Mix gently to avoid shear denaturation. In general, Dnase I is activated by bivalent metals. Maximum activation is attained with Mg+ and Ca+. Dnase I is inhibited by EDTA and SDS. The optimum pH of Deoxyribonuclease I from Bovine Pancreas is 7.8.