Worthington Biochemical FAQ

We ordered hyaluronidase from worthington cat no LS005474. the activity says that it is >/3000 USP/NF units per mg dry weight. Can you please convert it to mg. thanks

Hyaluronidase is sold on a unit basis.  The mg supplied may vary slightly between lots as determined by the u/mg activity of each lot.  The current lot of HSEP LS005474 is 58E10498 which was released at 7,654 u/mg dry weight.  For this lot the 30,000 unit package will contain ~4 mg (30,000 units/7654 u/mg=4mg).  If you have a different lot number of HSEP you can check the Certificate of Analysis from the following link- http://www.worthington-biochem.com/index/technical.html