Worthington Biochemical FAQ

Which type of collagenase is present in your purified collagenase, CLSPA?

CLSPA is bacterial collagenase from clostridium histolyticum that is further purified over a column and pooled based on activity. CLSPA has higher collagenase activity (>500 u/mg DW but usually around 1000 u/mg) and significantly lower caseinase, clostripain and tryptic activity than our cruder CLS types 1-4.  We do not characterize the specific composition of each lot but it would be a mixture of several collagenases containing both collagenase A and B (sometimes referred to as I and II).  A daily listing of Collagenase activities including CLSPA is posted at http://www.worthington-biochem.com/cls/CLSSurvey.html