Worthington Biochemical FAQ

I have a question relating to your "Neonatal Cardiomyocyte Isolation System" protocol. Is there any serum added to your L-15 media provided in the kit or do I need to add some separately? If the serum is already present, would it be possible to culture the cells in the absence of any serum?

There is no serum in the L-15 media.  We do not continue to culture the cells here as we only check for initial yields and viability with trypan blue.  If you intend to culture the cells for a prolonged period serum would be beneficial.

Unfortunately we do not culture the cells past the initial viability and cell countings the choice of media and supplements is a question that would be best directed to media specialists (i.e. JRL or Gibco) or by checking references. Some of the references listed below may be helpful to you in your choice of media and supplements;