Worthington Biochemical FAQ

What strain of HIV is your recombinant HIV reverse transcriptase (HIVRT) from?

Worthingtons HIVRT was cloned from the subclone of HIV designated pHX2D. This is a subclone of HIV type 1 strain HXB2 -GenBank accession #K03455(M38432). The sequence of HXB2 is described in, Rather et al, 1985, Nature 313:277-284. The source is E. coli plasmid pRC-RT.

Cloning of reverse transcriptase for HIV pHX2D is described in the following papers:
Becerra, S.P, Kumar, A and Wilson, SH, Protein Expression and Purification 4:187-199, 1993.

Becerra et al, Biochemistry 30:11707-11719, 1991.

Our recombinant clone expresses the p66/p51 heterodimer which is representative of the native, wild type protein(accession #V53871). .