Worthington Biochemical FAQ

Is your Purified Collagenase, product code CLSPA, available as part of the CLS Sampling Program?

No, the sampling program was designed to eliminate the lot to lot variability the of cruder collagenases. With CLSPA there really is no difference lot to lot because most of the other proteases have been significantly removed or reduced with the column purification.  If a researcher wants to try CLSPA, he/she would need to purchase the 4KU vial(approximately 4 mg).

The cruder collagenases are still widely used because the "other" proteases in crude collagenase aid in the digestion.  Connective tissue is held together but more things than just collagen, so when the purified collagenase is used it is often used in conjunction with another proteases (enzyme cocktail).  See http://www.tissuedissociation.com/theory.html  and optimizing strategy under http://www.tissuedissociation.com/techniques.html